HGV Driving as a Career

HGV Driving as a Career
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The term HGV stands for Heavy Goods vehicles. HGV drivers drive big Lorries and trucks for different companies. When driving these vehicles, you will be responsible for transporting goods from one location to another. HGV drivers work locally as well as internationally.

Usually, the lorry drivers spend a lot of time on the road and thus they spend a lot of time away from their home. The working hours of an HGV Driver is approximately between 45-50 hours each week.

An HGV driver should be responsible for both loading and unloading the goods. Also, you need to make sure that everything you need will arrive at your right destination. The HGV drivers work alone and this often is positive for most people as they can enjoy the freedom that comes from it.

Here in this guide, we have collected few points that you should consider for making a career in HGV driving:

1: You will in a high-demand:

If you are looking to make a career in HGV driving then you must opt for HGV Driver TrainingAlso, there is a maximum number of HGV drivers who drive large vehicles for transporting goods from one location to another.

You will get numerous works if you want to build a career as an HGV driver. This simply means that you will find an HGV driver role that fits with your own schedule. Either you are looking to work at nights, evenings, or mornings then you can make a good career as an HGV driver. Once you completed your HGV driver training then the biggest benefit you will receive is job opportunities that become available to you at all times.

2: Earn a good salary:

Everyone wants to earn a good salary package and you want to be happy with the salary you are getting. But for earning a good package it’s obvious that you should need skill and you are ready to face all the challenges that come your way.

There is a high demand for HGV drivers and most of the companies are willing to pay a good salary to drivers. If you are thinking that how much HGV drivers earn per hourthen you will be glad to know that you can earn up to $ 12.50 per hour.

3: Practice being positive:

Not every day may seem right for you. Sometimes the things can go wrong and this happens to everyone in their career. So, you need to choose the career wisely and focus only on the positives.

Remember that you don’t want to happen is to let a few days affect the rest of your career. Many ways help in staying positive while you are on the road. You can either talk to your friends, do exercises and keep your mind occupied for long distances.

4: Stay on top of your training:

Well, nothing will slow your career rather than forgetting some crucial training like Driver CPC. You must need to do 35 hours of periodic training after every 5 years so that you can keep your driver certificate of professional competence to drive a lorry or bus.

Remember that it is illegal to drive a vehicle if you fail to complete your DCPC. Also, you will get fined up to 1000 pounds if you cannot drive professionally. All you just need is to complete one set of your driver training after every 5 years if you want to drive lorries and buses professionally.

Various companies are known for offering you the best driving training programs. Therefore, if you are thinking that is HGV driving good as a career then the answer would be sure Yes.

In order to become an HGV driver, you will need the UK driving licence or you need to do your HGV class 1 and 2 training that will help in teaching you how you can drive a truck carrying goods up to 44 tons. Thus, driver training is a mixture of both practical and theory tests, and also there are four tests that you must take.

If you are thinking how much does it cost to get an HGV licence then it will merely cost you around $ 1000 and once you get qualified then you will be in high demand as there is a shortage of lorry drivers.

5: Be ambitious:

Being an HGV driver, you will not need to imagine that you have to drive the same truck along with the same routes. You have to be ambitious about your driving goals and focusing on giving the best in your field.

You just need to work until you get promotions and achieve higher paid work. When you have the spark of ambition with you then you can gain valuable experience and apply those various ways across the logistics sector and thus become an invaluable employee with unlimited potential.

6: Get your licence: 

The most important part of starting your career in the HGV field is to get your HGV licence. But if you don’t have a licence then it is going to be tougher for you to find a job.

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Most companies don’t want to train a driver in-house. Also, various HGV courses help you to obtain your basic licence.

In order to make your career in the HGV driving field then you must have a Driver CPC along with licence upgrades that you might require. When you get the right licences then you can land a much better job and earn a good package.

7: Needed Good English skills:

Once you begin with the process of applying for a job then you will have to do some writing or reading. Either by filling an application form from a short-written assessment, you are mainly required to present good communication skills from the start to the end.

Whenever you go for an interview then you should start applying and practicing a few paragraphs and ensure your verbal communication is clear and understandable to others. In this way you will make a good career in HGV driving field.

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