Get Admission to Semey State Medical University to Do MBBS in Kazakhstan

MBBS in Kazakhstan

There are several favorable locations for Indian students to study MBBS in abroad. MBBS in Kazakhstan is one of them. The country offers the best options for medical students in the field of medicine. Medical students who need to study medicine but cannot afford the expenses of medical studies.

Students who study MBBS in Kazakhstan from Semey State Medical University get affordable and cost-effective prices.

  • Food

Traditional dishes of Kazakhstan give glimpses of the drumstick and Middle Eastern cuisine. Nomadic dishes are also deeply influenced by food; the nomads generally relied on their cattle for clothing, food, and even transportation. Lamb horse meat, crow, kidney, animal’s heart and many other famous foods for the people. Besbarmak is the national dish of the country and its traditional dish. Shubat, kumis is a well-known beverage made from milk.

  • Currency

The country’s authorized currency is Tenge. KZT is the currency code. The word came from medieval Turkey which means a similar balance. The currency name is similar to that of the pound, taka, peso, and lira but the currency name is derived from turkeys. The currency symbol is T. The public bank of Kazakhstan is the national bank of Kazakhstan. The national bank issued a new series of banknotes in 2006 with 2000 divisions and 5000 notes. The national bank issued a new series of tenge notes of 2011 in the section of 2000, 2013, in the denomination of 1000, 5000, and 10000 tenges.

  • Language

Almost 95% of the population is familiar with Russian speaking. In metropolitan areas, Russians are a very famous language, some other local languages like Plautdietsch, Dungan, Ingush, and IIi Turki. Languages can become very popular because of students as well as a tourist coming to the country. The two official languages in Kazakhstan are the Russian language and the Kazakh language, which is broad, communicates by the people. There are 5,290,000 speakers in the country speaking the Kazakh language. Even after Kazakh, language is adopted in several other countries such as Turkey, Germany, Iran, and Afghanistan. The country’s second official language is Russian.

  • Transport
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Kazakhstan has very little low infrastructure development and a density of population. However, in 2014 the country invested $18 billion to build airports, roadways, highways, and railways. The country’s national railway company Kazakhstan is Temir Zholy. At present, the country is highly developed and functioning. It is interconnected using rail lines, intercity buses, car fares, mini buses, trolleybus, taxis, buses, etc. A small metro system is built-in Almaty, while the other metro lines are constructed. Kazakhstan has the best route of locating areas and its people are nearby trains.

  • Climate

The environment of Kazakhstan is continental in which the warm summers and cold winters are included. In summer, the hottest month is July. The normal temperature amid summer’s over 30°c. In winter temperatures fall to -20°c. The country has comparatively dry weather and humidity changes into the ice. In the spring season, the climate is unstable and the day will become warm and clear, Kazakhstan’s capital city is the coldest in the world after Ulan Bator.

  • Culture

Kazakh tradition had its effect on two units like Chinese culture and Russian culture. The country is well known for its traditions. Being respected regard for society, the tradition of mankind inhabits the land. The Yurts are nomadic developments, break down, and convey with them. Traditionally, Kazakh feast food on the khan to its visitors.

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