Which Is The Right Framework For Your SaaS Product Development?

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SaaS Development Framework

Brands and businesses always wanted a software delivery method that could help them access data via any device while having an internet connection. Hence, the emergence of SaaS products has such revolutionary stature in the digital sphere of businesses. In 2019, the estimated global SaaS revenue was $171 billion, which become $200 billion by 2020. By 2022, we expect it to reach $233 billion.

Today, businesses are looking for a perfect SaaS app technology that can help them withstand the terrible market fluctuations, high demands, and severe business competition. These businesses want a robust cloud solution that is reliable and stable. Here are some of the critical factors that you should keep in mind while selecting a software-as-a-service product framework for your business.

SaaS product development

Today there are more than 250+ programming languages and hundreds of frameworks. Before you zero down on a solution, you get to choose from a diverse range of other tech stack options. That is the reason why several businesses, like yours, find it challenging to select one ultimately. It can be highly confusing for you to find a dependable and dedicated SaaS development company.

Anyway, you must be clear that even a very admired SaaS framework can’t provide you 100% assurance that it will operate seamlessly. Why so? Simply because there isn’t a single framework that can fulfill all your needs. For instance, frameworks such a React.js are meant for frontend development. Similarly, other frameworks will have their specific features.

While choosing the perfect framework for SaaS development, you need to keep a couple of factors in your mind, such as Information Security, migration services, reliability and performance, data management, governance, and exit strategies. Let’s look into the significant SaaS frameworks that are well suited for SaaS product development.

Ruby on Rails

Project management tools like Basecamp were developed using Ruby on Rails. It was among the first project management tools that adopted a SaaS model. After that, we saw several other services like GitHub, Shopify, Zendesk, etc., using Ruby on Rails as their SaaS solution. All records confirm that the Rails framework is related to a diverse range of SaaS products.

Developers get to access a large number of gems for free, as well as many open-source libraries. It has more than 155,000+ users from all across the world with 166,470 gems. With Ruby on Rails, your developers don’t need to develop different features because you get a significant number of readily available solutions. The framework is less prone to bugs, cleaner, and saves a lot of time for developers because they don’t have to waste time recoding repetitive tasks.


With the ascending popularity of Python, the framework based on Django also got popular. It is a cluster of Python libs that provides you a rapid and highly efficient solution for web application development. Django is suited for both frontends and backend development. The high-level Python web framework provides rapid development, top-notch security with quick API creation.

Django can be used for small applications and microservices as well. Django is preferred by developers who are working with machine learning as well. It is more advanced and reliable than other frameworks when it comes to being compatible with machine learning libraries like PyTorch, NumPy. However, Django is not meant for multiple requests. You need to optimize your SaaS app written in Django to fetch a high-performing speed.


Express.Node.js is minimal and flexible; the Express framework is built on top of the node. Js framework. It is suited for both backend and frontend development. It is one of the most powerful frameworks used to design and build web applications efficiently and quickly. When combined with Node.js, MongoDB, and AngularJS, Express.js forms the MEAN stack. From performance to rendering, Express.js fulfills many purposes.

But having a minimalistic framework does not provide it in-built security measures. Apart from SaaS development, use it to build scalable web applications, although it is not compatible with multi-threading. That is the reason why Django should not be utilized for CPU-intensive processes.

Also, you cannot use it with PostgreSQL and MySQL. Due to these reasons, you need to acquire modules that provide additional data protection. However, the latest Express.js framework can give you security and performance that can withstand malicious attacks.

Reason Why Ruby on Rails Is Best For SaaS Development?

  1. It is scalable. If your web application gathers many traffic or users, you must have a highly scalable framework. RoR provides an environment that is highly scalable which delivers high performance.
  1. It offers bug-free development. It has loads of helpful testing features that include expectation syntax, test benchmarking, and mocking. It focuses on TDD or test-driven development and BDD or behavior-driven development approach. Both these features can help you in reducing development costs.
  1. It is MIT licensed and cost-effective. Due to this feature, you don’t have to spend additional bucks on the framework itself. You don’t have to develop features from scratch, thanks to the free gems available for developers. They can download it from an open-source code platform.
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  1. Rails are very consistent. It makes the project structured and easy-to-read, the developers get standardized file storage and programming conventions. It contains pre-built modules and plugins that allow the developer to avoid writing boilerplate codes.


SaaS product development is quite demanding when compared to other traditional software. Talking about the best SaaS frameworks, Ruby on Rails seems to meet all the primary business needs because you get to develop and launch your product quickly.

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Get SaaS development from scratch, integrate with third-party services and tools, rectify existing SaaS products, and migrate on-premise solutions to the cloud.

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