6 Features You Must Add during your Android App Development

Android App Development

The world is going crazy by using Android apps. Users can use the Android app for many purposes and everything can be done through the Android app. The current digital world is running on mobile applications. Now almost everything can be possible and performed through a mobile app. Our day starts with a mobile application and ends with the same.

Before developing any mobile application one thing is very important before developing it, which is selecting the platform for the mobile app development that is Android or iOS. After the selection of the platform is done you need to hire an android app development company or you can make your android app on your own.

Android app development is the best platform for mobile apps because android app users are more compared to others. Make sure that your android app is designed in such a way that it is user-friendly and attractive. Develop the app according to the trend so people will find it unique and they will use your app regularly. 


Here are the features that you must add to the Android app

  • Fast loading time
  • Easy user interface
  • Payment gateways
  • User feedback
  • Simple and secure login / responsive design 
  • Multiple languages


Fast loading time

It is obvious that no one will like to wait for longer to load the app. Today’s life has become fast and people also use the things that are time-saving and easy to use so that their work can get finished in less time. One should ensure that the android application that they have made is not taking much time to load. According to research if the app takes more than 2-3 seconds people might leave that particular application forever and won’t use that again. 

If the application is taking much time then you can avoid some things that will help to improve the speed of your application. One must negotiate with the design and loading speed of the application to create a good impression on the users.


Easy user interface

If your app is complicated and difficult to use then very few users will be able to use the application. To attract more users of every age keep your user interface simple so that everyone can easily use your application and get what they want. You can also provide a navigation bar to guide users through your application. 

Android developers can use shortcuts, voice assistants, gesture-operated navigation, auto-fill options, search bar, and other advanced UI/UX elements through these features you can make sure that users get the things that they want easily. 


Payment gateways

This is one of the essential features that every application must-have, this feature allows users the facility to pay online for the products they have purchased. Payment gateways must include credit/debit cards, online payment methods, and even cash-on-delivery options. One must hire an android app developer that will add such payment gateways to your android application. 

All the latest applications that have been developed from the past few years consist of various payment methods options in the application. In-app payments are also available in some of the android applications. But the android developers and the owner of the application must make sure that the payment gateways which they are providing are safe and secure for the payment and are linked directly with the banks. 


User feedback

This is another essential feature that must be available in your android application. Because today everyone believes in online reviews and feedback that are given by the users who have already experienced or used the application. This feature can help you to get honest reviews for your application and your users can also be increased because of this feedback. 

In today’s time, people spend more time online than on any other thing so feedback is a great way for marketing your app and increasing the popularity and users of your application. To give feedback you can give a login option to the users through their existing social media account or create a new account on the application. 

Android developers must go through the user’s feedback to get knowledge on what they should improve in the application and what users want to have in the application. This can help you to improve the features of your app and improve the application and its performance. 


Simple and secure login / responsive design 

The login and registration page of every application must be simple so that users can easily log in to your application. You can provide the option to fill the registration form manually or automatically so that they don’t need to write all the things manually. 

You can also provide an option to log in to your application with their existing social media account through which they don’t need to provide their information as the application can directly fetch the information from their social media account. 

The reason behind your design must be responsive is because your users won’t only log in from mobile devices they can use your application on several devices so your design must be responsive and the application must appear the same in every device they are using. You can adjust the fonts according to the device but you can compromise the quality and design of the application. 


Multiple languages

Android developers should make sure that your application must support multiple languages because your application won’t just run in one country or one state it will run all over the world and we have plenty of languages in the whole world so your application must support multiple languages. 

Although it is not necessary to include every single language in it, you can add the languages that are the most spoken in the world and are famous. This feature can attract users who only have knowledge of their native language. This feature will make it easy for them to use your application.

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These are all the major features that an android application must have in it to increase the user interaction and customers in your application. All these features will make your app look unique, eye-catching, and user-friendly so that the users will get attracted to your application and give your application good feedback and rating.

Nevina Infotech is the best android app company with a team of dedicated and enthusiastic developers who will make your android application a flawless application that will be loved by android users.

I hope you like this blog and you find it helpful for your android app development.

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