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Everyone is familiar with the chatbot as the majority of people prefer shopping online and use smartphones in day-to-day life. The main reason why chatbots are popular because of their amazing artificial intelligence and machine learning feature.  AI chatbots are smarter than humans and provide the best customer support online.  The Majority of business relies on the chatbot feature and Contact Centre Software for effective consultation and customer support. It allows catching every customer that visits your website. According to the survey, it is found that 53% of customers prefer to buy from a store that has a chat feature where they can chat and have an effective suggestion regarding the product to choose the best.

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Reasons Why Chatbot Is Beneficial For E-Commerce As Well As Other Business:

  • It Reduces Customer Support Costs

It’s not affordable to hire a human for 24* 7 customer support.  When customers are genuinely interested to buy specific products, they want to know more details of the product.  %0 5 of customers prefer to shop from the website that offers 24* 7 customer support hence including chatbot feature and FAQ section on the website can decrease your customer support and maintenance cost.  If there is any complex question, a chatbot can directly connect customers with real people.

  • It Offers Great Personalization

With the AI chatbot feature, you can get to know your customer in a better way. It provides better personalization and allows knowing what products customers are purchasing more and what are the questions most of the customer asks. On the type of questions and queries, you can personalize your product page for a better user experience.

  • Cart Recovery

It might happen that customers get distracted by other ads or items and leave the product in the cart as it is hence chatbot will remind the customer about the product they were going to buy so, they can proceed to the checkout to empty the cart.

  • Improved Customer Engagement And Support

Chatbots respond immediately as compared to humans hence it offers a better user experience and better customer engagement.

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  • Better Product Guidance

Customer usually gets lost when website shows a huge variety of options hence chatbots can suggest the best product perfect for the customer.  Customers can also ask questions related to their product and get the best product recommendation from the AI chatbot.  It also informs about the discounts and offers running on the website to catch customer’s attention.

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As the world is trending towards the digital and smart world, people are slowly moving towards smart technologies and smart features.  AI chatbot feature delivers trust to customers and encourages buying the product from your website. No customer would like to shop from a website that has poor customer support. Chatbots easily communicates with the human and provides solution and recommendation of the product to the customer.  If you have not integrated the chatbot feature in your e-commerce website then consult expert Chatbots Australia to know the detailed information.

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