Eliminate Your Fears And Doubts About Anchor Texts And Its Role In SEO


Best SMO services in Delhi assists their clients in boosting the SEO health of their website. Through adopting and implementing various strategies, they provide excellent results. When it comes to SEO, they know how to utilize the anchor text to optimize your page. Anchor text is one of the excellent tools to improve SEO.

About anchor text

Anchor text is a word that is a hyperlink that redirects you to another webpage. It acts as an anchor between two different sources of the internet. Anchor text is generally used to link pages. But it is also used to initiate download or directly open a document like PDF.

How does anchor text affect the SEO of your website?

Anchor text helps google to have a better understanding of a webpage, and accordingly, it can rank them for the right keywords. Anchor text plays a heavy role in search engine optimization as it provides a more relevant description of a link than a meta description of a page.

Anchor text is one of the ways to optimize your audience experience. This is because all the related contents of the page can be accessed with a single click. Your audience doesn’t have to unnecessarily go through the search result and look for the relevant information. Instead, they can reach the source through your page.

The SEO rating of your website depends on how relevant is your anchor text. For example, if you link the X and Y website through an anchor text, the content has to be relevant to each other. The more relevant the content of X is to the Y and vice versa, the more will be your SEO ranking.

How to optimize an anchor text for SEO?

One of the common ways to optimize your anchor text is to use descriptive keywords. Make use of the keywords to describe the content to which you would be linking specifically.

Types of anchor text

  1. Exact match

Exact match anchor text contains specific keywords of the page you are providing a link to. The keyword is the exact match of the source websites which are linked to it. This type of anchor text is usually when your content requires a lot of research material. So by clicking the hyperlink, the users are redirected to the different web pages they seek.

  1. Partial match anchor text

Partial match anchor text uses the variation of the keyword that is linked to the other relevant website.

  1. Branded anchor text

It is the type of anchor text where the brand name is used as a hyperlink to connect it to the brand’s page.

  1. Random anchor text
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It is a type of anchor text that does not contain the target keyword. They are very generic and unspecific to the corresponding page.

  1. Image anchor text

It is the alt text of the image that is linked to the website.


A reputed SEO Agency in Delhi delivers data-driven results. The competition on the internet has made us utilize all the possible tools at our disposal to improve the SEO health of our website. Anchor text is one of those tools.

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