How Frequently To Post On Social Media To Keep The Engagement Intact?

Social Media Agency in Mumbai

Gone are the times when the distance was a hurdle to promote the business and expand its horizons. Using various social media platforms have made it possible for the business to have a global reach of their idea and sales. Social Media Marketing Agency Mumbai has been very instrumental in leveraging these platforms for the betterment of the business.

Social Media Marketing Agency Mumbai

All you the SMM in Mumbai need to do is post relevant and compelling content on social media platforms. This is where the question arises of how often one should post content on the various social media platforms to make the reach more effective. This is what this blog is about, read further to find out.

Impact Of Posted Content

Popping up on the feed that too with the content that is appealing enough to catch the eye of the scrawler is what the target is. It makes the audience more attracted towards landing on the homepage to view more previously posted content. It increases the number of followers effectively. More followers mean more prospects, eventually more opportunities for the business to convert them to customers.

The ultimate goal of using this medium of digital marketing is to increase sales by creating a great online brand for the business.

But exactly how many posts would be effective for how many times a day or a week or a month to be in the race? To complete and to create opportunities for business growth and brand creations.

  • LinkedIn:

One of the most organic platforms with absolute relevance to business expansion. With the presence of an intellectual targeted audience, this platform has its unique business benefits. In general, 1 post a day on LinkedIn would keep your business active on this platform.

  • Facebook:

One of the most leveraged platforms for the business of any niche. Posting one content a day is enough to keep the presence intact.

  • Instagram: 

One of the highly popular platforms to make your business a brand. There are various options available like IGTV, Instagram live and more that the team can work on. 1 to 2 posts per day would keep the audience engaged with your posts consistently.

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  • Twitter: 

Posting 3 to 5 on Twitter would be sufficient for seeking the attention of the audience.

Apart from these platforms that are other platforms too as per the requirements of your business. Make sure that you know the frequency of posting the content for those platforms too. Each platform has a different level of engagement and amount of activity at a different time in the day. The business can also find out this time and use the perfect opportunity to post the content.

SMM in Mumbai

These counts are not specific for every business, they may vary as per your requirements of the level of engagement and user activity. So, make sure that you give time to know what works best for your marketing strategy. This would provide SMM in Mumbai with a deep insight to make the strategy more effective.

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