Do you need Linux hosting?

What is Linux Hosting?

Linux Hosting with c panel refers to shared hosting and is more popular amongst developers in the industry. Most of the websites now use Linux Hosting due to its affordable pricing and flexibility, also due to its compatibility with Microsoft SQL and PHP which supports scripts like WordPress, ZenCart, etc. . The cPanel helps simplify the operations on the Linux platform. Linux hosting with cPanel can make it easy to handle all your development tasks in one place.

Benefits of Linux Hosting

– Stability

Linux-based servers offer more stability than those based on Windows. Dedicated Linux servers don’t easily slow down with usage over time. Down time and memory leaks are also occasionally less on Linux servers. Being open-source makes sure that Linux platforms are free from any virus uncertainty, as the developer’s team monitor and remove bugs found for my stability.

– Cost-Effectiveness

Dedicated Linux servers require minimum set-up costs due to their open-source origins. Integration is easy with applications like PHP, Microsoft SQL, WordPress, etc. with a Linux-based server. Cloud computing incorporated with Linux Hosting allows companies to save tons of capital costs with zero application requirements and storage servers.

– Flexibility

Adapting to varied scenarios and customization is easy on the Linux platform. Most of the website use scripting languages like PHP, MySQL, etc., so it is advisable to use Linux OS than Windows OS as it doesn’t permit these scripting languages. You are required to only install the essential components, thus saving disk space on the server hardware.

– No License Required

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Linux Hosting is an open-source operating system. This makes it easy for small or start-up businesses that need a low-cost for their servers. There isn’t any sort of expensive licensing fee with Linux-based servers which makes it an extremely cost-effective server solution.

– Manageability

Linux-based server’s simple but yet enhanced maintenance and infrastructure management capabilities. Most of the businesses benefit from the reduced response time and vendor-managed centralized management by focusing on other business areas as well. Even it is easier for the developers to manage your hosting on Linux-based servers.


Choosing a dedicated server for your Linux hosting With Cpanel might not solve all your web development issues but it is definitely better than other server hosting problems like Windows. Switch your hosting to Linux today and hopefully, your Development/IT department will also agree with this.

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