All You Need To Learn and Understand About Social Selling!

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What is Social Selling?

Social selling is a term that many know. But the question is how many are familiar with its meaning. People often mistake it for social media marketing. Many take it for social media advertising. But the answer to both is a “no.”

More specifically, social selling is making use of the channel of a business to reach prospective consumers. It is crucial to connect and interact with them. SMO Agency in Delhi is helpful for this purpose. In other words, it is building a connection with prospects and setting a grid of probable leads. It can replace the terrible practice of conference calling if used rightly.

Social selling is similar to the new and innovative way of building a relationship with prospects. An active connection may lead a consumer to make you the priority when they intend to buy a product. This way, one can replace traditional methods for building relationships.

What do you mean by social selling index?

A social selling index is a grade to calculate the collision created by efforts of selling a brand. The first platform to introduce social selling index or SSI was LinkedIn. They did it way back in 2014. The index generally tests whether one is building a relationship or taking necessary measures to strengthen it. LinkedIn SSI also follows whether one is finding appropriate people or share inspirational content. It also looks at whether one establishes an executive brand with a LinkedIn profile.

Know the reasons for of availing a social selling index

Are you still dicey about whether or not to utilize the social selling index? Below are some reasons to clear your confusion.

Social selling provides more success – As per LinkedIn Sales Solutions’ internal data:

The businesses that lead the space of social selling are 45% more successful in making sales opportunities.

51% of businesses with SSI can meet their target.

78% of businesses with SSI have more sales than those that do not consider social media platforms.

Building real relationships – With the pandemic ringing on top of the head, people have considered social selling one of the top options. Businesses have cancelled several events, while others have postponed. It has resulted in a shift to online platforms. Social selling helps in connecting to prospective consumers who already create engagement.

Proper use of prospects engagement – More people purchased via social media platforms due to the ongoing worldwide pandemic. The data gives clarity on the chance of better sales with the help of social media.

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Be competitive – Social selling allows you to compete with other businesses. Know that your competitors are already interacting with prospects.

Best networks for social selling

It depends on the type of business and the target audience. The two best platforms for communicating are Twitter and Instagram. It helps in maintaining the natural flow of the conversation.


Thus, social selling is a primitive measure for a better chance of selling. Guidelines set by the PPC Company in Delhi are also helpful for the process.

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