5 Smart Ways to Increase Followers on Twitter


These days, people are crazy about social media but it is fun until you have several followers.

However, it is not that easy to increase your followers when the audience is so much. Everyone tries to increase their following number, but don’t you worry we are here for you.

If you are someone who wants to increase your following on Twitter then you are at the right place, keep reading. We will discuss five ways to increase your followers on Twitter in this article.

Be Very Active

Twitter is a fun app so you try to be fun and keep updating what you are doing, What you are reading, what you are watching.

When you’re watching some movie or when you are reading some book you can review that book by tweeting this will make people look at your account as a review account and they will come back when they need suggestions or recommendations for movie or book reading.

And if you are interested in politics then you can update anything you know by tweeting and let people know about it. This will make politics interested people follow you.

The best way to be active is to unfollow nonfollowers and follow the people have the same interest as you have. To bulk remove non followers you can use Twitter unfollow tools.

Use Memes And Images More

Memes often make you stop scrolling whatever that app possibly be, but when you see anything pictorial like an image or GIF or anything colorful and attractive you stop scrolling. That is the intention.

Be more creative and try to articulate your emotions through memes and images. This will entertain more audiences towards your account and will increase likes and retweets likewise.

The moral of the story is when you are creative, people follow you.

Engage With The Followers

As we all know communication is the key so all you have to do is engage with your followers. You will have to reply to them, you will have to retweet their tweet, you have to be active with them. Talk to them.

When you praise someone or when you comment on someone’s tweet, they admire you more and they will be supportive to you too.

Use Proper Hashtags

First of All, what are hashtags? What do they do? Are they really helpful in increasing your followers?

The answer to this question is yes they help increases your audience.

Hashtags are very helpful. if you add a hashtag to your tweet, then your tweet is categorized like the hashtag, you have inscribed.

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For example, if you have tweeted something and you have hashtagged it as a “meme” then your tweet will be visible to everyone that will be following the topic meme.

You Can Take Help

There are many websites or applications these days on Google where you can take help and they will try to increase your followers by overseeing your account.

For example, a Twitter management tool like Circleboom can help you boost your audience by engaging you with the scope and content creators that are creative and suit your preferences.

Check out this Circleboom review to know more about this amazing tool. It has plenty of cool features that would boost your Twitter marketing and will establish your Twitter profile like a professional one.

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