Herringbone Engineered Flooring – Why are they popular?

Herringbone Engineered Flooring

Herringbone Engineered flooring has been getting a lot of attention among new home buyers and interior designers. A wood flooring with so many elements and textures is making people appreciate the beauty of it.

Of all wood flooring, herringbone floors offer a timeless appeal to a space. Sometimes referred to as parquet blocking, it has wooden planks placed in a zigzag position that almost looks identical to the bones of a fish.

You have so many options like beautiful oak herringbone flooring, or grey herringbone flooring, all of them both looks exquisite when arranged in the right way.

If you are planning a home remodelling or trying to buy a new home, here are a few reasons why you should consider herringbone flooring.

It is long-lasting and durable

Wooden floors, in general, are very durable and a quality option for the floors of your home. Some might argue that wooden floors can be expensive, which is true in some cases. But paying the extra money for herringbone wooden floors will come with an assurance of good resale value as they aren’t going to run out of style.

So, suppose you are planning to resale your house after a few years. Herringbone design also absorbs compression and increases the structural stability of your floors. In that case, the resale value of your home automatically surges due to the flooring. 

It adds movement and character to rooms

Herringbone flooring is anything but boring. If you are considering this pattern, you want to find an aesthetic that gives a “wow” factor to your house. Herringbone is a unique design that creates a beautiful flow in your home.

This pattern is so popular because it combines a natural element with a visual appeal. The interesting zigzag pattern adds drama to any room without having to install art pieces or fancy décors.

It makes the rooms look bigger

The zigzagging details of herringbone wooden floors create a certain fluidity in your rooms. It makes the room appear larger than they are.

Herringbone design indeed looks excellent in bigger rooms of the house. So, consider spaces like the foyer or the living room to showcase the patterns properly. The kitchen is also a popular choice for installing herringbone pattern floors. It adds a lot of character to the space.

It is very versatile

Herringbone is an elegant and classic layout. It goes with almost any kind of aesthetic you want for your home.

You want a warm bohemian appeal? Choose a warm coloured herringbone wood flooring and add earthy-toned furniture with pops of colours and macramé. You got your classic boho-chic look!

If you are going for the graceful European style, choose a neutral herringbone wooden flooring with some beautiful vintage furniture. Herringbone is actually very famous across European countries, especially France.

Here are some popular herringbone flooring options to choose from:

The serene dark

If you want something exotic and mysterious for your home, go for a beautiful dark wooden herringbone floor. The dark engineered herringbone pattern will have some textures to give a nice moody effect to the whole space. This type of look is great for office spaces or kitchens with lighter cabinets.

 herringbone flooring

The chic grey

Grey engineered herringbone flooring looks exceptionally stylish and fancy. Grey is a versatile floor colour that has its own character. Add that with a herringbone pattern, and your home will be a minimalistic paradise. This type of flooring will be great for loft apartments to make the space look bigger and stylish.

Grey herringbone Flooring

The light and bright

If you want some charm and pop of shades on your floors, choose a light and dark combination of woods. This type of herringbone effect plays with light and shadow to create glamourous contouring throughout your floors. If you are someone who loves old-world charm, this is the option for you!

The light and bright

Warm and cosy

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Nothing speaks cosier than a stunning warm-toned oak herringbone flooring. This also a great option if you have kids in your home, as scratches on warm floors do not get noticed easily.

If your house gets less sunlight, warm wood herringbone is a great option for the halls and living room. This will make the space welcoming and cosy.

The choice is yours!

No matter where you put a herringbone pattern floor in your house, the place will look stunning. If you are working within a strict budget but want something different for your home, you can use this pattern in certain areas of the house. For instance, herringbone will look great in the kitchen, making the space bigger. There are many wood flooring companies in the market, but for a professional finish and premium quality materials, we recommend checking out Floorsave.

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