Reasons Why Epson Printer Not Working

The printers have always been one of the most troubling parts of a computer. Whether connected by cable or through Wi-Fi, it is widespread to find printers that do not work, give errors, and cannot communicate with the PC to print. Problems with printers are due to all kinds of factors, from a Windows failure to a driver error, or simply because the printer dislikes us since mistakes cannot be explained.

As soon as you install a printer in Windows, it does not usually cause problems. But as time goes by, things change. When our printer crashes and won’t let us print, we can go crazy to fix it since most of the time; we don’t even see an error code. If you puzzle about Why is My Epson Printer not Printing? The most common problem is turning the printer off and on, resetting its settings, reconnecting it to Wi-Fi, and even connecting it to the PC to install the drivers from scratch.

How to Print When the Printer Is Not Working

When Windows tells us that our printer is offline, an error has occurred when trying to communicate with it and, because of that, it is impossible to print.

Offline Printer Windows 10

When this happens, we can solve the problems in several different ways. We should try to restart the printer to rule out that it is the fault that it has been blocked. We can also try to restart the computer since Windows itself may be responsible for the error.

If the printer still does not connect to the computer, we will try to troubleshoot the printer. Windows 10 comes with a host of tools designed to correct all kinds of operating system problems. And, of course, Microsoft hasn’t forgotten about printers.

Within the menu Configuration,> Update and security> Troubleshoot, we can find a section to solve problems related to the printer.

Reasons Why Epson Printer Not Working

Troubleshoot printer problems Windows 10

We run this troubleshooter and follow it to the end for Windows to analyze all the parameters related to the connectivity of the printers and apply the necessary measures and corrections.

If all this still does not solve the problem, then the next step is to verify that the printer driver is up to date. If it is not, we will install it manually by downloading the latest version (for compatibility issues) from the manufacturer’s website. If the driver is installed, what we must do is update it. We also download the latest version of it, install it, and that’s it.

Updating the PC with Windows Update can help us since, in addition to correcting errors in the operating system, it will also take care of downloading the latest versions of the drivers.

  • Configure Windows to force the use of offline printers
  • This setup may seem a bit odd, but it sometimes works. It is not a solution, but if we are in a hurry, it may help us to get out of trouble.
  • If we have an empty print queue (otherwise, it will not work), we can take advantage of this trick to print, or at least try, on a printer that, despite being connected, appears offline.
  • To do this, we go to the Settings menu> Devices> Printers and scanners and open the printer’s print queue in question.

Open print queue Windows 10

We will open the Printer menu, and we will choose the option to use an offline printer.

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Use the offline printer in Windows 10

This simple configuration will cause Windows to ignore the printer’s status and try to print to it. Of course, if the printer is not connected or has a problem, it will not print.

Check printer settings

We may be looking for a problem in Windows when, in fact, it is in the printer itself. It may happen that, for some reason (for example, a firmware update), the printer has become unconfigured. It is very common, especially in printers with static IP, that the IP is changed and, therefore, we cannot connect to it.

When the program has reconfigured the printer, we will disconnect it from the computer’s USB. This should be connected to the Wi-Fi network, and therefore all computers should detect it without problems. If not, we should go back to the previous steps to reconfigure Windows to work with this printer.

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