Warning signs which show that a business is in big trouble

business is in big trouble

Most of the time, many companies that go through adversity in their business are often surprised because of the sudden turn of events. These companies generally lose their money very fast. A businessman always has to review their balance sheet and cash flow statement to determine how the cash is being spent. Nearly all business owners generally face these types of challenges at one stage in their business. These small-scale industries are known as MSME. MSME full form is Micro, Small and Medium enterprise. There are some signs which can alert a person about these big financial troubles. 

A company faces difficulty in getting a new business loan:  

One of the very first indicators of financial trouble in the business is not getting a loan or a fresh round of financing. If the business loan application has taken a very long time in its processing or gets denied, it is time for doing some study in the business. Generally, the lenders follow pretty rigorous methods to give MSME loan. If the loan gets denied, the businessman must look for the problems they might have overlooked in his/her business. The CGTMSE generally provides these loansThe CGTMSE full form is Credit Guarantee Fund Trust for Micro and Small Enterprises, and as its name suggests, it is a Trust that provides the financial institutions with the credit guarantee to provide loans to SMEs the MSMEs. 

The Lack of investors or buyers in the business 

Suppose a person has been trying to sell their business in equity or direct buyouts but fails to find potential buyers. In that case, it is generally a sign of trouble in their financial and operational situation. Just like financing, the potential buyers have typically rigorous methods which they follow before buying something.   

The business frequently misses the target they want to achieve 

Every business generally has some kind of problems as well as hiccups at some point. But if the issues have become an undividable part of their establishment, it is time to check in the business. Taking a look at the last one or two years of the business operation and doing a fair analysis of where they want to see their business versus where they are can help them identify problems in sales, product development, supply chain, working capital finance, etc. 

Problems in the top-tier of management in the business 

Sometimes, there is conflict among the business employees, or there are surprise departures in the business. It can also be a sign of things not going well in the industry. Someone might have figured out that all is not well in the firm and has simply abandoned the business seeing its future. 

The payable accounts are above the average rate. 

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The accounts that are payables are one of the best ways to determine the business’s financial and operational health. The payable accounts can let a businessman know about the state of their cash flow. If they keep stacking up, it means the business is not generating enough inflow to pay off the debts on it, which is never a good sign. 

Very short operational runway: 

Most business firms generally overestimate the time that they have got to sort out their problems. If the active runway has less than six months remaining, it is a severe condition for a business. Having six months of cash runway is the minimum a businessman needs to get the things to work again. If the cash stock falls below that, it is high time to weigh the options very seriously because the business can also shut down. 


A person should move very quickly to resolve their financial crisis. If the business displays any of these warning signs, the businessman should move as soon as possible in forming a backup strategy to counter these types of problems. Suppose there are problems in the operations of the supply chain. In that case, it is very high time to give your teams instructions to streamline their operations by cutting down the manufacturing process, downsizing, or hiring some experts to counter it. Suppose there are problems with the financing and the businessman is having trouble raising fresh finance from the banking system. In that case, it is time to look for alternative ways to get small and medium business loans available in the market nowadays.

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