Securing the Most Flexible Option in Welding Cable for Sale


There are a few different types of electrical cable for which flexibility is a top priority, although that flexibility is not always necessary for the same reason. For example, marine battery cable is typically made as flexible as possible so that it can more easily traverse the narrow internal recesses within a boat.

Another class of cables that must be manufactured to a high degree of flexibility is welding cables for sale. On one hand, these must be created to be as flexible as possible because they, like marine battery cables, must be able to navigate all of the hassles of the workplace.

There is another reason that welding cables for sale must reflect a high degree of flexibility, and it has to do with the fact that a lot of welding jobs take place in industrial settings or in construction. As you might imagine, these job sites are not “flexible.” Therefore, the cable used in welding must be.

The cables that supply power to welding equipment must be able to accommodate the hazards associated with the job site and they must also be flexible enough to work with the requirements of the welders themselves. Since neither the welding equipment itself nor the project itself is going to exhibit flexibility, the next lowest common denominator is the welding cable.

Therefore, the need for the highest possible degree of flexibility in welding cable. Most welding cables for sale are labeled as “highly flexible,” but the problem with some of them is that there is not an objective metric associated with their flexibility.

If you need the most flexible welding cable possible and you lack a figurative yardstick, just check the strand count. It’s one of the most effective ways to gauge the relative flexibility of a welding cable. The higher the gauge, the stiffer the cable will be – unless the strand count of the conductors increases commensurately.

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The best part about this is that it’s a simple way to gauge flexibility. Unlike AWG, which is logarithmic, strand count is a single vector. The higher the strand count, the more flexible the welding cable should be.

Now, flexibility is not the only trait valuable in welding cable for sale. Welding cable must also be outfitted with durable, rugged insulation that is resilient to a wide range of adverse environmental factors.

All else being equal, it’s highly valuable for a welding cable to be equipped with an insulator that is resistant to the weather, such as extremes of temperature, high humidity, storms and even ultraviolet radiation. Considering the nature of job sites, it is also valuable for welding cables to come with a natural resistance to acids and other chemicals that might be present at job sites, along with gasoline and oil.

If you can find a welding cable with very durable insulation that is mechanically tough as well, that’s even better. Chemical resistivity notwithstanding, the tougher the insulation is, the better it will be able to withstand abrasion. This portfolio of attributes is one of the reasons that some welding cables are suitable as leads for batteries and in solar arrays.

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