Get More Downloads – Launch Your Pick ‘n Slave Clone App With New Features

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How about getting groceries and your daily essentials at a cheaper price without compromising on the quality? Unbelievable? Yes, the Pick ‘n Save Clone app like how the name suggests offers great savings on your groceries and other essentials.

Why Should You Build Pick ‘n Save Clone App?

Pick ‘n Save Clone App offers several ways to save money. Inspired by the original app, it makes an ideal grocery and daily essential store offering greater ways to save money. Additionally, like how the original app works, this too takes up the online coupons where the customers can save more and keep coming back for more grocery shopping.

Moreover,  it provides you with the best deals that are always available over the Pink ‘n Save Clone app.

When it comes to choosing amongst the best clone app, Pick ‘n Save Clone App provides adaptability, saving a lot of time and providing convenience, especially for working professionals.

The Pick ‘n Save Clone App holds the entire grocery store at the fingertips. The user can shop anything from dairy products to groceries, fresh veggies, and more. The app lets you easily check out and pays from a variety of online payment modes. For the new users, there are introductory offers and promo deals.

When it comes to the payment mode, you can have options between e-wallets, debit cards, credit cards, net banking, and cash on delivery, etc. The clear return policy or terms and conditions in the site ensure several significant factors for the users.

Pick ‘n Save Clone App

How Much Does It Cost To Develop An App Like Pick ‘n Save Clone App?

There is no one size fit reply to this question. The overall cost of developing an app like Pick ‘n Save depends on numerous factors:

App complexity

The kind of features your on-demand grocery app solution app will have will decide the major cost factor. Features play a vital role in building the cost of an online grocery delivery solution.

However, there are new version grocery delivery features available that you can avail of by hiring an on-demand app development company in India. The grocery clone app comes in-built with these features that include:

  • Store wise commission
  • Day wise separate time slots
  • Item name searching
  • Order cancellation
  • Voice not for delivery drivers
  • 18+ age confirmation proof for buying such stuff
  • Graphical icon showing via in-app notifications
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Choice of platforms

In this modern era, you will want to have more and more coverage thus, developing an app in Android and ios OS platform is a must. The cost of developing on both the OS platform will vary, especially the ios will be slightly costly.


An app development company you hire in India will charge you way less compared to the one you approach in Europe or the USA. Thus, the price range hugely fluctuates depending on the development company location you wish to hire. Therefore, choose wisely. Check the company’s testimonials and after-sales customer support before confirming the purchase. Take the live demo on both the platform to gauge the app performance and functionality ensuring that the on demand grocery delivery app development is exactly made how you want.

Pick ‘n Save Clone App is a feature-packed eCommerce grocery software. It is a ready-made app solution available on both android & iOS mobile apps for the customers. buyers as well as delivery staff. Moreover, this impeccable grocery solution comes with separate web panels for the user, grocery store owners/sellers, and delivery drivers. Thus, making it a one-stop solution for the startups and entrepreneurs who can launch it without a huge investment.

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