Modern Printing and Customization Techniques to Make Our Boxes Look Extraordinary

Whenever we refurbish our house, we tend to purchase elegant and high-quality products. The same goes for a packaging box. What’s the purpose of having a simple cardboard box when it’s not customized?

These days’ brands spend loads of money to make their packaging appear elegant and professional. And that is the reason why various packaging companies these days customize your boxes for you. The change becomes visible not because we tend to design and think differently. The reason is that the printing method and machinery have also been updated. In this way, not only we print a perfect design onto a box. But we can also customize dozens of packaging boxes all at once.

Now all of this is possible because of the technology change. But questions remain: –

  • How does customizing custom boxes affect our business?
  • What printing methods should we use?
  • And how much would it cost to customize our packages?

If you are curious, then keep reading. We would be discussing some techniques helpful for box customization.

How customization of a box brings a change in our business?

There are various printing methods, and each one of them gives an enhanced look to our boxes.

·         Digital Printing:

In this printing technique, we digitally print a design onto a medium. In this method, we could easily imprint a type of design without having to worry about color. Other than that, this method is of low cost and delivers the finished product quickly.

This technique is environmentally friendly and prints a high-quality image. Digital printing is different from other techniques because the ink directly comes in contact with the medium. While in other methods, we use plates, cylinders, or sheets.

In digital printing, we could print a digital file on the custom boxes. And the best part is we do not have to hire a designer. If we like a picture or a design on the internet, we could contact the owner, purchase it and use it. It is as simple as that.

·        Offset printing:

Offset printing is the most common type of printing and is used widely around the globe. It imprints high-quality design into the medium in a limited time. This method helps us to imprint sharp and high-grade images onto the medium.

Lithographic printing works on the principle of oil and water separation. Offset printing is helpful to us when we wish to customize a large sum of custom boxes wholesale. But this method is not suitable for proof because it’s time-consuming and is costly. But what is proofing?

A proof is a shorter version of a printed piece. It is helpful to tell the client what the finished product would almost look like. It is safe to say that proofing helps us to keep the clients satisfied with our work. On the other hand, it also saves time. In this way, the clients and the printer are both pleased with the product. And no further negotiations need to take place.

·        Screen Printing:

In this printing method, we use ink and some equipment to print the design onto the medium. Plastisol ink and water-based ink are suitable for this method. In this method, we smear the ink over the facade and use some equipment to control its flow.

Screen printing gives a smooth look and touch to our boxes because the ink has low viscosity and absorbs on the surface.

·        Gravure:

This method is getting used to customize a bulk of packaging material all at once. The packaging boxes are passed through a cylinder that transfers the design onto the medium as the cylinder has an image etched into it.

The other cylinder itself rests into the ink, which helps us deliver the design quickly onto the custom packaging boxes. 

  • Engraving:

Engraving is a method in which we carve out an area and fill it with foil. The metalized material gives it an enhanced and elegant look. Other than that, it also highlights the design.

Engraving is a quick process and is also cost-effective. The design carved with the method of engraving does fade away and is also permanent. Engraving is a process that does not affect the environment in any way possible. And allow us to carve in the sharp line and designs.

Another advantage of engraving is that you could carve in your design on any material.

·        Embossing:

Embossing is a method that has received the exact popularity engraving has received. But both of these methods are somehow distinct. In engraving, the design is carved in the medium.

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While in embossing, the design rises from the surface, providing a 3D look.

The design can easily get customized with foil or color. The process of embossing is said to give a high-quality result. And it is often used for promotional activities. That is the reason why luxurious brands customize their boxes with debossing and embossing.

How do we need to customize our boxes?

The main goal of customizing our box is to receive as much recognition as possible. And the only way to reach this goal is to enhance the looks of our cases.

A product itself is not that special. In these modern times, we do not pay for the item. Instead, we pay for the box and the brand logo printed on it. That is what increases the product’s worth. Now customize your custom boxes UK professionally to make your products look extraordinary.

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