How to Win at Online Blackjack: Check full process and get fun casino


The house always has the edge when you play casino games. Blackjack has a higher return than any other casino game but the house still holds the advantage.

Can you have fun and win the game?

While you can beat the odds in the short-term, the house has the upper hand over you long-term. It is not possible to beat the odds but to ensure that the odds are in your favor.

How can you change the odds?

Online card counting is useless because you can’t count cards. It doesn’t matter if you have photographic memory. Why? Fun casino allow card shuffling after each round to reset the odds.

Is it a recommendation to avoid online casinos and instead only play at land-based casinos? It is quite the opposite. Online gaming can offer you an advantage that you won’t get elsewhere.

Let me explain. Casinos are competitive businesses just like everyone else. Casinos strive to attract more players by offering a better experience, greater entertainment, and greater perks. Land-based casinos often offer free accommodation, meals, and drinks for players who play for large amounts of money.

There are fewer options for online casinos than there are for land-based casinos. It is not possible to offer live entertainment, accommodation or meals, as well as drinks. So, how do online casinos attract players?

Online casinos offer a variety of services, including software enhancements that will improve your playing experience.

  1. Sign-up/welcome Bonus To get you started playing, here are some suggestions.
  2. On-going bonuses to keep you playing.

These perks can make your odds of success increase. Let’s do some math. We’ll skip the ongoing bonuses to simplify the calculations.

The odds of winning at the casino are lower than 1% if you know the basics. Based on 8 decks being used, we’ll use 0.69%.

No casino will let you cash out your sign-up bonus or welcome bonus immediately. You must place wagers of at least a certain amount before you can withdraw the cash. Here are some examples of our starting values. Actual figures may vary between casinos.

  • The House Advantage at 0.69%
  • Sign-up/welcome Bonus of $100
  • Before you can withdraw the cash, you must place a minimum of $10,000 in bets.

You can play individual bets for $10. This will give you the opportunity to place 1,000 bets that add up to $10,000. The house advantage of 0.699% means the casino has a chance to win $69 of your winnings. You can win $31 if you take $69 that you have lost as a sign-up bonus.

Why would casinos permit anyone to play with better odds for themselves than the casino? Because:

  1. They must attract players
  2. Because of poor decisions made by the players, casinos win 4%-5% instead of 0.699%.
  3. The number of players who take advantage of better odds is still very small.

This is how you can win at Blackjack.

Learn the basics of strategy

It is easy to master and will ensure that your betting decisions are the most profitable. Don’t rely on intuition or gut feeling.

– Don’t play tired or get under the influence of alcohol or drugs.

These are the moments when mistakes can occur.

– Find a reliable online casino

This is a must as online cheating is very easy. It should be on the list of casinos you avoid. Some certifying authorities can be a problem – ensure your casino does not use one of these. Avoid all casinos that use software that gives them an unfair advantage.

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Calculate the odds

Once you have chosen an online casino, make sure to read the terms and conditions. This will help you calculate your odds of winning. Take the example as a guideline and consider the factors that affect the odds of winning.

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