Do’s And Don’ts For Sellers And Buyers By Professional Estate Agents Dorridge

estate agents dorridge

When you are considering buying or selling a property, it can be time-consuming and energy-draining. The results can lead to disappointment and frustrations, delight and excite or a mix of all these, and don’t forget a dose of anxiety. In this article, we are going to share some useful tips from professional estate agents Dorridge on things that a seller and buyer need to know. This will make the entire process smooth and reduce anxiety.

Important Things Buyers Should And Should Not Do

1. Conduct proper research about the property and the specific area.

2. Observe all the properties in the area that is up and coming and later become sought after. The obvious signs include demolition or regeneration projects.

3. Have a conversation with the neighbours in the area. Ask them about the noise levels, public transport, schools or any other issues that you need to know.

4. Make sure that you pay the mortgage you would need if you get to meet them or even it exceeds the desire price. It is best to know if you can service that debt even if the price gets increase by several percentage points.

5. Don’t hesitate to offer less than the asking price if you think you have the right reasons to do so, for instance, damp in several walls.

6. You can make an offer through email or over the phone to the agent.

7. If the owners are going to be there when you are going to view the house, and you made the decision to buy it, tell them that you intend to make an offer.

8. Tell your offer and avoid elaborating it unless you have justifying reasons to make a low offer.

9. Be firm and clear about your offer, and do not get discouraged by the estate agent response. On the other hand, if they offer strong justifications of why you need to increase your offer, you might want to reconsider.

What Sellers Should Or Should Not Do?

1. Perform your research properly and look for potential estate agents before you choose the one you use.

2. Make sure they possess profound knowledge, a good reputation, a strong presence and are affiliated and accredited to the industry and regulatory bodies.

3. Don’t permit the agents to make decisions without consulting first. Moreover, if you have several agents working for you, then it can create confusion in finding the right buyer.

4. Don’t rely on the agents that focus on the virtual viewings. Use a local agent who will bring potential buyers to your property.

5. Follow up with your agents to know how things are progressing.

6. Never get the buyers off against one another, as it might not be unusual, but it leads to anger and could cost you both of the buyers. It is because neither one will trust you.

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7. Never accept the higher offer before exchanging the contracts. It can create a great ill will, so be prepared for it.

8. Be open with the agents about any specific concerns or matters relevant to the sale.

9. Adhere to the agent’s guidelines when it comes to preparing your house for viewings.

Putting time and effort can pay off for both sellers and buyers! Make sure to get in touch with the right property dealers and get guided in the right direction.

To make the best decisions, you can contact Rouds, one of the leading real estate companies. They may assist you to figure out the best choice for you because the property agent is aware of everything about the location and properties. So their tips will assist you in buying dream assets. Also, they are offering help at cost-effective prices.

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