Is Bag Filter Housing is Important for Industrial Sector?

Bag Filter Housing

The bag filter system is built for the finest filtration performance. Its range offers solutions for filtrations for a wide variety of fluid applications in the process sector. They are mainly helpful for carrying out filtration for in large volumes of liquids that have high viscosity. The bag filter is built on filter bags, filter housing, choice end connection, internal cage to support bags, and positive sealing arrangements. The internal support makes sure that the bags do not burst as, during the operation, high differential pressures are created.

Bag filters are employed for the filtration/ clarification of liquids that have a comparatively little loading of particles that needs to be removed. The particle suspension travels through and the particles sit in the bag. Filtration takes place from inside to outside with an outcome speed of nearly 100 m3/m2 h.

Operations of Bag Filter System

The unfiltered fluids after entering the housing are distributed evenly around the filter bags. The process of filtration occurs from inside to outside. For easy and quick removal, solids are accumulated on the inside of the filter bag. Then the filtered fluid goes out through the pipe.

The application of bag filter housing is diverse where the filter is to be created for dirt retaining capacity and a high rate of flow. They are mainly applied in high suspended solid load in the fluid and at a high rate of flow.

What Should You Look For While Buying Bag Filter System?

There are several bag filter housing suppliers in India, but you should what all should be included in your system to get the best result. Here is a list of all the features that you should look for while buying a bag filter system.

  • High rate of flow.
  • The pressure drop should be below.
  • It should consist of high dirt retaining capacity.
  • It should offer a positive sealing arrangement so that bypassing can be avoided.
  • It should be ideal for Rigid Ring, PP Collar, and Snap Band Bags.
  • The downtime that bag filters offer should be below.

What Are Bag Filter In HVAC?

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Bag filters which are also known as pocket filters are used as final filters in HVAC applications for commercial, industrial, and residential purposes and as pre-filters in the installations of HEPA. The filters are also employed in recirculation systems or in the exhaust air to secure the air handling blocks.

Bag filters are the widely used air filters in HVAC systems for the purpose of industrial and commercial use along with residential use to develop indoor air quality and great comfort. The filters in the supply air are generally used as the first and second stages of filter, either as full filtration solutions for these uses or as pre-filters for cleanroom process use. Bag filters have a prominent higher dust holding capability and longer lifetimes compared to other filters.

Now that you know the uses and features of bag filter systems, let us now discuss the best manufacturer of the same. When we talk about bag filter systems, no other name except Guru Technology comes to ours. We are leading bag filter housing manufacturers in India is among the top filtering housing manufacturing. This company is considered among the leading manufacturer and suppliers of the same. Their bag filter housings are formulated using new pieces of equipment and technology. And the price of their bag filter system is also very competitive in the market. They offer easy usage, high-efficiency infiltration, etc. Their filter housing is designed keeping in mind all the features mentioned above.

These filters come in many sizes, styles, and shapes along with all the other features. The filter housing is multi-use equipment used in the removal of the foreign particles from process fluid with high rates of flow under several operating bases. It is filtered effortlessly and can be discarded without the involvement of any special product, the components are easily cleaned or replaced for filter housing equipment, offers 100% leak-proof with perfect sealing, fast opening and closure lid, and many more. Their offered Filter Housing model is a multi- basket, Single filter housing, duplex, cartridge, and multiplex.

We are prominent bag filter housing exporters in Indiaoffer adjustable single units, with convenient cleaning facility, with variation in pressure indicator and also offers a liquid displacer that decreases the loss of product during bag or bucket removal. Filter Housing is employed for applications including oil filter, fuel filter, machine coolant, sanitary filter housing, water, etc. GTS Filters & Systems (India) Pvt Ltd presents with hot-dip galvanized, painted, and powder coated. Filter Housing in SS MOC is also available with mirror polished on both the sides and glass bead blasting as well. They are the manufacturer of filter housing for a number of varieties of cartridges for varied industries and bag filter housing.

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