Is Hair Transplantation the Best Hair Loss Solution?

Is Hair Transplantation the Best Solution for Hair Loss?

Hair loss and thinning are among the significant concerns the male population has been facing for centuries. Fortunately, consistent technological advancements have allowed people with pattern baldness to reverse hair loss. The treatment available in this regard is hair transplantation.

Due to its several side effects back in the 1980s, hair transplantation has had a hard time getting over its poor reputation. The modern-day hair transplantation methods are highly effective and deliver little to no side effects.

This article describes whether a hair transplant surgery in Dubai is the best method to treat hair loss.

What is a Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is a process of harvesting hairs from one part of your body and transplanting them into the bald section of your head. The area from where the hair is harvested is called the donor site. Usually, the typical donor site in a hair transplant is the back of your head.

The most common reason for pattern baldness is the impact of DHT, the hormone that causes baldness. A hair transplant procedure is usually successful because the hair on the back of the head is generally immune to DHT. With the added advantage of technological advancement, hair transplant techniques used today are more successful than ever.

Hair transplant techniques of the modern age are follicle unit transplantation (FUT) and follicle unit extraction (FUE). Both these are sophisticated hair transplant methods that result in a more natural-looking hairline.

The Difference Between FUE and FUT

While both FUE and FUT tend to produce a similar result, these procedures differ based on their techniques.

FUE is generally touted as a better option due to its tendency to produce tiny scars. These scars are present at the donor site. The surgeon first creates small punctures in the recipient site using a needle or blade during this procedure. Then, they harvest individual follicles or grafts from the donor site and insert those grafts into the punctures. These tiny punctures subsequently diminish over time.

On the other hand, FUT involves removing a relatively large strip of the scalp from the back of the head. The surgeon then removes individual hairs from that strip and inserts them into the recipient site, filling the hairline.

Generally, the hair transplanted with the FUT method lasts longer than that with the FUE procedure. However, it usually boils down to the surgeon performing hair transplantation.

Is Hair Transplantation the Best Solution for Hair Loss?

A hair transplant may be the best solution to reverse your hair loss. However, the success of the procedure will depend mainly on your surgeon’s expertise. In general, this treatment can help you win back the hair thickness and volume of your heyday.

Nonetheless, a hair transplant might not reverse your baldness miraculously. Therefore, it is best to set realistic expectations from the procedure.

Before undergoing a hair transplant, you should be mindful of the following points.

  • Your hair may still fall out after a hair transplant if your follicles are genetically sensitive to DHT.
  • Both FUT and FUE produce scarring on the back of your head. This scarring will not be visible to others unless you choose to shave your head.
  • Hair transplantation is a method of moving hair to a bald area. Therefore, you won’t be able to restore your previous hairline if you have had excessive hair loss.
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  • Instead of choosing a plastic surgeon who specializes in a wide range of cosmetic treatments, it is best to pick a surgeon with expertise in hair restoration.
  • While a hairline transplant procedure produces significant results, having realistic expectations is necessary.

Bottom Line

So, is a hair transplantation the best way to treat hair loss? Well, it depends on the level of your hair loss, your scalp’s vulnerability to DHT, and the expertise of the surgeon performing the hair transplant. Generally, if you have a lot of hair on the donor site, hair loss treatment in Dubai can help you improve your appearance significantly. However, it will still be necessary to protect and maintain your hair after the transplant.

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