101 Guide on Washing Your Hair For Healthy Growth!

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Healthy hair thrives from a clean and healthy scalp. Less washing of hair may allow the accumulation of dirt on the scalp. Overwashing can strip away natural moisture. It depends on your hair’s density to make a fair estimation of how often you must wash your hair. You can buy hair products that can help you in gaining healthy hair.

How frequently should you wash your hair?

Washing your hair depends on the type of your hair and a few other conditions. Have a look at those things:

1) Oily Scalp

Persons who are having oily hair do not need to think about moisture loss from every shampooing. It is because oil (Sebum) in your scalp always makes it up for your tresses. 

2) Sticky workout

After workout sessions, your hair may get sticky with sweat. Dry shampoo can help you out but wash it more if your hair is oily.

3) Natural Hair

Natural hair requires more frequent wash as it is dry hair. Wash long hair less often as sebum takes time to toil down at hair ends.

4) Straight hair

For straight hair, try to cleanse it every day. Wavy hair takes 2-3 to survive well in between the cleansing times. 

5) Your Age

One of the considerations to be taken while washing hair is age. The sebaceous glands build less sebum when age increases. So you can shampoo less often.

Is over washing of hair good?

If the hair feels greasy and soft but not that much oily, then perhaps you are using the perfect way of cleaning your hair. While frizzy and dry hair may need a few more washes. Many people say that washing locks less often resets the sebaceous gland of the locks. No strong proof is there regarding this conception. Over-washing with shampoo may strip away oils that your scalp builds and leave the hair dry.

What can you use for your hair care?

Generally, the washing products for hair are good shampoo and conditioner. The shampoo helps in eliminating dirt and product buildups. The conditioners refill moistures to the locks. You can find some formulas in beauty stores:

• Normal hair
• Dry hair
• Oily hair
• Baby hair
• Deep cleaning
• Damaged hair
• Coloured hair
• 2 in one (shampoo as well as conditioner)

Some home remedies to try out

Using home remedies for healthy hair is the perfect natural solution for hair care. A few of them are:

• Apple Cider Vinegar for eliminating excess oils and dandruff
• Aloe Vera for smooth hair
• Yoghurt mixed with lemon is good for bouncy hair
• Amla is good for cleansing tresses

All the above things cannot replace daily washing hair sessions. You can add in between daily shampooing and conditioning hair.

Which things to keep in mind with dyed hair

Wash your dyed hair less often to retain its colour. If you have coloured hair, use shampoos, conditioners and other styling products designed especially for coloured locks.

Which kind of water is best for hair?

If your city water is hard, hair may get a dry texture. Hard water is not harmful but has mineral buildup like calcium and magnesium. Try to counteract the harmful effects by using any hard water conditioner and shampoo.  

Ideal water temperature

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When you are washing your locks, try to use cold water. Usage of hot water can make the hair frizzy, dull and dry, causing damage to it. Sometimes cold water can be unappealing; lukewarm water can be your ideal choice.

What not to follow

•Avoid using conditioner on the scalp, if it’s oily
• Don’t use hot water for hair
• Do not scrub your tresses too much
•Never blow dry your locks when it is wet
•Never rub a towel on your tresses


Hair wash is a necessary procedure overall. It is a self-care method to take care of the locks and make them healthy. Your hair may require to get washed regularly, a few times a week. But everything depends on the hair type you are having, along with your age and style. Avoid using harsh shampoos while washing your hair. Use herbal care products from Shahnaz Husain for hair to make it healthy and bouncy.

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