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Wedding photography is a tricky profession. One needs to be able to anticipate the perfect shot at just the right time and have an eye for detail when it comes to capturing that moment. There are many things you can do in order to get great shots, but we want you too know of our top 10 favorite tips so you can have some help with your wedding photos.

Unexpected Things Happen

Most people think that weddings are easy to photograph because everyone is always happy. However, you must anticipate the unexpected when it comes to photography. Wedding guests are not always as polite as they might seem, and they can get really rowdy at times which means you should never have your guard down. Wedding photographers’ lives are saved by their quick reflexes so be sure yours is up to par.

The Wedding Is Not A Vacation

While it may be tempting for a wedding photographer to take a few shots of the beautiful setting where the wedding takes place or even ask for a vacation in exchange for photographing, remember that there will most likely be other events taking place during this period of time that require your attention such as the rehearsal dinner or the bachelorette party. “Wedding Photographers must be able to adapt easily and not miss a beat when it comes to getting the shots needed for the wedding, so take vacations elsewhere” – says Samuel who is a wedding photographer at Puretouch Photography.

Don’t Be Afraid To Step In

Wedding photographers are key components in bridal parties. Wedding guests can get really rowdy at times, and you never know what might happen. Wedding photographers must be always ready to do whatever is necessary for a good photo from stepping in between bride and groom when there looks like they are about to start fighting, making people move who obstruct a great shot or even using your body as protection if you see something else happening that could cause problems such as someone on drugs or alcohol. If you have any reservations about being in a situation where you may get into trouble, do whatever you need to in order to protect yourself and the couple. Wedding photographers’ lives are quite valuable so make sure yours is too.

Scout The Location Before

It is extremely important for you to scout the location where the Wedding takes place. Wedding photos are just as important for the Wedding couple as it is for their guests, so make sure you know what’s going on before going in blind. Wedding photographers should get there early enough to set up lighting and a backdrop if needed. Being prepared will help you stay out of trouble with other Wedding vendors and protect your gear from potential damage or theft. Most importantly, scouting out locations helps Wedding photographers find great shots they might not have thought of otherwise because they will be used to seeing all sorts of different places and backdrops by then.

Don’t Ignore Small Details

Tiny details are important in Wedding photography. Wedding photographers should not ignore the small things such as a stray flower that happened to have fallen out of someone’s hair or even baby drool from the ring bearer who is probably getting fussy right then and there. Wedding photos last a lifetime so make sure you capture them all.

Be Ready To Use Flash In Low Light

Weddings take place at different times of year and in places with different weather conditions, so Wedding Photographers must be ready for anything when it comes to low light situations. Wedding Photographers need to know how to use flash properly because it can really help out during those darker moments in time when you may otherwise miss a shot.

Shoot in RAW

RAW images let Wedding photographers edit the images as much as they need without compromising on image quality. Wedding Photographers should always shoot in RAW because it lets Wedding Photographers manipulate all sorts of minute details when it comes to exposure, color and other visual elements. Wedding Photography is an art form so make sure that you have all the necessary tools at your disposal to be able to create great Wedding photos.

Get To Know The Couple

Wedding Photographers must know everything about their couple so they can get around easily during the wedding and not miss a thing even if something goes wrong. Also, Wedding couples are usually pretty stressed out during a Wedding so make sure you take this into account when dealing with them before, during and after the Wedding. Wedding photographers must do all that they can to make the Wedding couple feel more comfortable with them so Wedding couples begin to trust Wedding Photographers and won’t be bothered when Wedding photographers are capturing those special moments.

Revisit Special Places

Wedding couples usually visit places where they had their first kiss or other memorable things during the course of their relationship, so Wedding Photographers should revisit these places with Wedding parties on photo shoots. This will help Wedding Photographers capture a feeling instead of just another image which greatly enhances the quality of Wedding photos taken during this period of time.

Try not to use flash photography if possible

It can make people feel uneasy or distracted during the ceremony because it makes them think that someone is taking their picture so they will be more prone to being photographed. Also, flashes can cause sheer spots on the eyes of a person or on the skin if aimed at the wrong angle for too long so make sure Wedding Photographers know how to use them properly.

Wedding photography isn’t one size fits all, and it takes time and practice in order to become great at it. So try your best to master these concepts above and you’ll be on your way to becoming a great Wedding photographer!

Get shots from both inside and outside

Get shots from both inside and outside to give guests a sense of what it’s like where the wedding took place. Having shots that include the environment will enhance the overall effects of a Wedding photo.

Be aware of your surroundings

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Wedding photographers should be aware of their surroundings during a wedding because, even though you may have scouted out some great places to take photographs before the actual day, things can still change in an instant when it comes to location. For example, say there is a great field with beautiful flowers but while you are taking pictures someone steps on them or rips up some and then they go unseen for the rest of the Wedding. Make sure to keep an eye out for these kinds of things while photographing during a wedding.

Do not wait until after the ceremony begins

A lot of do this and think it’s ok, but it’s not. First of all, this is a major distraction for the wedding, and secondly you will be missing out on some great shots! It can take ten minutes or more just to get a couple ready for their first appearance after the ceremony begins so make sure that Wedding photographers don’t wait until it starts!

Get close up photos from the altar

You may think that your guests are only looking at themselves in the pictures they are taking during the ceremony. This isn’t true. Having an array of different shots such as these allow your guests to see what is going on around them which makes it easier for them to feel included in what’s happening. So when you shoot, be sure to get close-up shots from the altar.

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